G6s Carrier

Morgen Star ABJ Airatraya

Goat, Nubian, First Freshener (female) | Brown/Frosted Ears/White Belt

ADGA# N1930199 | DOB: 2/28/2018 (4 yrs)

CH *B J&M Hideaway AB Jupiter

G6-S Normal by Test (DNA on File)

CH *B J&M Hideaway AB Jupiter

NubianBuck (male)Brown, white spots, frosted ears
ADGA# N1723791DOB: 3/25/20157 yrs
Jupiter easily gained his permanent championship at 2 years of age. His Sire was the first place Get of Sire winner at the 2017 Nationals in Madison, Wisconsin and AB Jupiter was the second place Get of Sire winner at the 2017 National Show. 2018 Nationals - 4th place Get of Sire .
 ADGA# N1723791 Brown, white spots, frosted ears

G6s Carrier

2*M Morgen Star Bella

NubianDoe (female)Black Roan/Frosted Ears/White Belt
ADGA# N1732257PDOB: 4/6/20157 yrs


Airatraya is a promising doe excelling in dairy strength.

This doe will be shown as a dry yearling in 2019, hopefully bred later this year and kidding in spring of 2020.

UPDATE: Airatraya earned her dry leg May 2019.

Updated 10/6/2020