Missy as a FF in spring of 2019

Missy as a FF in spring of 2019

I know my bottle is up there.

G6s Normal By Parentage

B.A. Dairy Farm MissMysteriousBred

Goat, Nubian, Doe (female) | Brown/White on Sides/Frosted Ears

ADGA# N1911539 | DOB: 12/19/2017 (4 yrs) (Due Date: 2/17/2019)

Morgen Star Marshmellow

G6s Normal by Test

Morgen Star Marshmellow

NubianSr. Doe (female)Cream/White Belt/Black Feet
ADGA# N1632250DOB: 3/22/20139 yrs
Marshmellow is a long bodied, powerful doe with a level top line. Her udder is even with good capacity. Unfortunately, we will be taking Marshmellow to have her udder removed in the near future due to scar tissue from a past injury. She kidded on 12/19/2017 with quads, three bucks and one doe with no problems. She will live out her days with us as a brood doe. Marshmellow has been bred to our Champion buck Jupiter for 2019 kids. We are very excited for this breeding. kidded with two bucks on 21 Jan 19. One buck available.
 ADGA# N1632250 Cream/White Belt/Black Feet
Service Sire:
*B Morgen Star Luther

G6s Normal By Parentage (DNA on file)

*B Morgen Star Luther

NubianBuck (male)Tan/White Belt/Frosted Ears
ADGA# N1854936DOB: 1/16/20175 yrs
Luther is the first buck we have kept with our herd name. He is a flashy well balanced boy that does well in the show ring. His doe Kid, Leria, received a Jr. Grand Champion in his show debut May 2018. Luther also went Grand at the Legendary show in Winston-Salem May of 2019.
 ADGA# N1854936 Tan/White Belt/Frosted Ears


Missy is a well put together goat. Every time we took her to a show as a kid, dry yearling or milker she always took first place in the class and stood in the Grand line up. She freshened for the second time in 2020 and is milking a total of 10-12 pounds a day. Missy is a dream to milk by hand and has also been trained to the milk machine . Her udder texture is amazing and has good orifice size which allows the milk to flow into the bucket. She has a very competitive udder with high attachment and good medial.

Updated 8/3/2020