G6s Normal by Test

1*M SG Cobble's Valley Ren's SecretBred

Goat, Nubian, Sr. Doe (female) | Light Brown/Cream Legs/Frosted Ears

ADGA# N1592068 | DOB: 2/20/2012 (10 yrs) (Due Date: 2/18/2019)

Cobble's Valley KA Renissance
Lazy-L Chekhov Sahara
Service Sire:
*B Woest-Hoeve DR Play Me Not


Secret is a very nice senior doe with good mammary capacity. She definitely puts milk in the bucket and earned her milk star early on. She did well in the show ring early in her career and continues to put nice show quality kids on the ground.

Secret kidding with two beautiful does on 2/18/19, unfortunately she retained a kid and we were unaware until the next day causing us to have to take her in for a C-section. She made it through and is continuing to recover well. Sadly this will be her last kidding, and we're thankful that she gave us the offspring she did. She however stayed in milk through all of this and will continue on milk test until the end of this year. (Update 3/20/19)

She been bred to Woest Hoeve DR Play Me Not (N1791545)

Updated 10/6/2020


G6s Normal By Parentage
First Freshener (female)4 yrsBrown/Black Trim/Frosted Ears
Not for Sale