G6s Normal By Parentage

Morgen Star ABJ Apple FritterBred

Goat, Nubian, Doe (female) | Gold Roan, Frosted Ears, White Spts

ADGA# N1842289 | DOB: 2/8/2017 (5 yrs) (Due Date: 4/30/2019)

CH *B J&M Hideaway AB Jupiter

G6-S Normal by Test (DNA on File)

CH *B J&M Hideaway AB Jupiter

NubianBuck (male)Brown, white spots, frosted ears
ADGA# N1723791DOB: 3/25/20157 yrs
Jupiter easily gained his permanent championship at 2 years of age. His Sire was the first place Get of Sire winner at the 2017 Nationals in Madison, Wisconsin and AB Jupiter was the second place Get of Sire winner at the 2017 National Show. 2018 Nationals - 4th place Get of Sire .
 ADGA# N1723791 Brown, white spots, frosted ears
2*M Morgen Star TOP Honey Pie

G6s Normal By Parentage

2*M Morgen Star TOP Honey Pie

NubianDoe (female)Gold/White Belt/Frosted Ears
ADGA# N1780521DOB: 2/15/20166 yrs
Honey has done well in the show ring as a FF. She kidded with doe/buck twins on February 25, 2018. We are very pleased with her 2F udder, She comes from a line of heavy milkers and is very dairy. Honey has starged on her second year of being on milk test. Honey is a dream to handle in the show ring and walks around with ease as if to say "look at me, am I not beautiful".
 ADGA# N1780521 Gold/White Belt/Frosted Ears
Service Sire:
CH Tide Land TPB Stingray

G6s Normal by Test (DNA on File)

CH Tide Land TPB Stingray

NubianBuck (male)Brown
ADGA# N1864294DOB: 4/28/20175 yrs
Stingray is a very promising young buck with strong straight legs, correct in dairy strength with a wide chest and level, wide rump showing overall correctness in dairy strength. His grandsire J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy, and Stingray's sire, Tide Land Playboy's Banshee have both put beautiful udders on their progeny. Stingray took first place in the first show he was ever entered into out of a total of 15 Nubian Bucks. Stingray went on to win his permanent championship a few years back in Virginia at the Son of a buck show. Stingray has shown to consistently improve overall height of udder on his progeny. We freshened a few of his daughters in 2021 showing a consistent trait in nicely attached udders and improved medial.
 ADGA# N1864294 Brown


Apple comes from a heavy milking line. She is a third freshener and kidded with twin does on 3/18/21. Both doe kids are being retained.

Apple has done well on the show circuit. She has very good attachment with good capacity and teat placement.

Updated 4/25/2022


Jr. Doe (female)3 yrs